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 Patterns shows the beauty of the cosmic clockwork pitted against a seemingly unmovable natural landscape. This 120 min exposure shows the stars moving around the Pole Star in concentric circles with the movement highlighted by a Lonely Tree.

This beautiful image is also available for renting purposes. Renting Fine Art is an affordable way to bring Landscape images that breathe Life into your living rooms! Scroll below for more details.

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Landscape Wizards is proud to introduce the first ever Fine Art rental scheme to its customers, where you can rent our Landscape images for a limited time at affordable prices. This is suitable for anybody who is looking to include a piece of Fine Art that reflects your love for Natural Landscapes, into their ambiance  Renting out Fine Art is also the perfect answer for those who are not sure on investing in Art works, just yet. Deals start at Rs 320 per month for a minimum of 6 months!

This option is ideal for Restaurants and Office spaces where changing the Artwork on display can bring a new look and feel to the entire decor. Your artworks can be chosen to reflect a certain theme or season. Individuals wanting to decorate their personal spaces can also benefit from this feature and decorate their homes without any fear of investing too much on Fine Art. So signup and experience the wonder of seeing Nature Photography the way it was meant to be!


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Print Size

20 inches x 30 inches, 12 inches x 18 inches, 8 inches x 12 inches

Print Medium

Archival Canvas : Hahnemühle Canvas


Gallery Wrap ( For Canvas Prints Only )


1.25 Inches Wood Frame


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