Rentals: Terms & Conditions

Landscape Wizards has always been in the forefront of ideas and execution. Whether it be fresh and unconventional nature images or new and innovative nature products. In line with this tradition, Landscape Wizards is proud to introduce the first ever Fine Art rental scheme to its customers, where you can rent our Landscape images for a limited time at affordable prices. This is suitable for anybody who is looking to include a piece of Fine Art that reflects your love for Natural Landscapes, into their ambiance. Renting out Fine Art is also the perfect answer for those who are not sure on investing in Art works, just yet.  Deals start at Rs 320 per month for a minimum of 6 months!

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 This option is ideal for Restaurants and Office spaces where changing the Artwork on display can bring a new look and feel to the entire decor. Your artworks can be chosen to reflect a certain theme or season. Individuals wanting to decorate their personal spaces can also benefit from this feature and decorate their homes without any fear of investing too much on Fine Art. So signup and experience the wonder of seeing Nature Photography the way it was meant to be!

If during the rental you fall in love with your chosen print and decide to keep it forever, then we also have a special discounts for you so you can take the big step with ease. The amount paid towards renting the Print will be deducted from the final selling price of your Print! Get in touch with the Landscape Wizards team for further details on this.

Fine Art Rentals - Terms & Conditions
  • The prints are the sole property of Landscape Wizards as long as its under the rental scheme, unless the patron decides on “Buying” the print.
  • The rental scheme is currently available only in the city of Bangalore and is available for selected prints only.
  • The Rental is charged on a semi annual basis charging in increments of 6 months.
  • Rental amount for the 6 month tenure has to be paid in advance before the installation of the print.
  • Patrons can continue their rental at the end of their rental tenure in increments of 6 months and should inform team LW atleast one month prior to their contract termination date on their intention to extend their contract.
  • In case the patron decides on buying his rental Print while on an active contract, the amount paid towards rental will be deducted from the selling price of the Print.
  • Payment to be made either through Cheque, DD or NEFT transfer. Details will be mailed to the patron’s inbox on conformation. Prints would be delivered only on full payment of rental for 6 months.
  • Delivery will be done by a member of the LW team at location and time mutually agreed and convenient to both the parties.
  • The delivery will be made at the location indicated by the patron.
  • The rented print shall be maintained by the patron at the same location indicated by the patron and shall not be moved to any other location with out the written consent on the Landscape Wizards team.
  • Rental term starts from the day of the print delivery.
  • Patron is required to provide identification details at the time of delivery and also pay the full rental amount for the rental period.
  • The patron needs to acknowledge our terms & conditions by signing on the terms and conditions document at the time of delivery.
  • During the rental period, the patron is required to maintain the rented print in the same condition as it was delivered and shall take care to maintain the same and return at the end of rental period in good condition.
  • The patron will be required to buy the Print at the “Full” selling price incase of any damage to the Print while on display at his/her location, irrespective of the rental amount paid. The decision of team LW on this matter is final and binding
  • Damage to the Print includes:
    • Fading and color loss resulting due to improper display locations
    • Torn or soiled prints resulting due to improper handling of Prints
    • Broken Glass , Frames, hookes, strings.
  • In case the patron decides on cancelling their contract, they can do so by sending an email to team[at]landscape-wizards[dot]com expressing their intent

Any cancellation to the rental contract before 3 months from the installation date would entail a 30% refund of the rental amount, no refund would be applicable for any cancellation post the 3 month period.